Corporate Identity & Content Development

A name that does the work while you sleep. A logo that sets you apart. Branded materials that communicate credibility. This is where we begin. But do not stop there, because branding does not stop with name, logo and visual collateral. We believe that effective brand management reflects a healthy balance across naming, aesthetics and messaging.

It’s all good and well to have a strong go-to-market name and a visually appealing logo and collateral, but substance is just as important. The best opportunity to communicate substance is through content, and of course how such content is packaged for maximum impact across all brand deployment platforms. We develop content that is repurposable for various uses and media including websites, business profiles, proposals, press releases, social media, newsletters and various forms of advertising, to mention a few examples.

Through the above, we elevate your business into what we call ‘an adored brand’, one that your customers and clients are proud to be associated with, and champion voluntarily in your markets.

Marketing Campaigns
Armed with qualities of ‘an adored brand’, your integrated marketing programme, with an authentic message, guarantees your success in a given market. Our team has developed tools and models that help us monitor and assess trends across markets and industries, from which trends we extract insights that inform design of your marketing programme.
Public Relations
The business environment presents both threats and opportunities for brands. Brands need the capacity to respond appropriately in either context, else opportunities are missed and reputations are compromised.

Whether it’s an emergency situation or a proactive brand management intervention, our qualified and experienced communications professionals employ agile tactics to protect and elevate the public image of your brand.