Innovasor builds and grows businesses through differentiated Brand, Strategy and People interventions.

Our business is founded on the recognition that Africa needs to create a healthy number of successful enterprises if she is to sustainably address her socioeconomic challenges and reach her full continental potential. In 2012, we set off to identify major factors contributing to small business failure, the culmination of which was a one-stop business factory for SMEs.

Aspiring entrepreneurs, start-ups and established businesses now make a single stop as they start, build and grow their businesses.

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, our clients have found a partner that does not only hold the map for business success, but is also in the territory. In short, we get you!

Why We Are In This Business
Entrepreneurship is a key imperative for economic development, particularly in emerging economies. And entrepreneurship happens to be where our passion lies, where we can make our greatest contribution to social progress. 
How We Do Business
We employ a holistic approach to business. It poises on the idea that each business is an ecosystem of interconnected parts that impact one another in a systemic fashion. And that the business itself exists within a similar global ecosystem.

Our solutions are therefore, geared to solve systemic problems in systemic ways.

We rely on continuous research and draw from our own experiences to connect the dots and deliver outcomes that matter.


Brands we have worked with.